Finnie (finniee) wrote,

Salesies 04/07/2015

Pkmncollectors feedback:
Sales permission granted a few years ago by Allinia.

Shipping from the UK starts at $5.50 - I ship internationally!

Slowpoke Pokémon Time (by me) $60
Slowpoke shoulderpet (by me) $30
Derpy lil Slowpoke $5
Slowking (poor condition, piled fur/marks on eyes) $5
Slowpoke Applause plush (good condition w/ tush tag and adorable scrunchy face) $20

Halloween Mega Pumpkinbro (by me!) - $40
Shuppet (by me!)- $30

Knitted Pachirisu tto - $10
Knitted Piplup tto - $10
Scatterbug w/ tag - $15
Psyduck (Way overpaid for this because the person swore it wasn't a bootleg, but I'm quite sure it is. Pls tell me if not!) - $5
Dialga Pokédoll w/ detached tag minky 2009 - $25
Shaymin Pokédoll w/ detached tag minky - $20

DVDs $5 each
Jirachi is good condition, black/white is practically new, first movie disk is good but has stickers on the top of the disk. These are PAL so will only work in the UK/Australia.

Slowpoke flats lot - $15

TCG folders (lightly used but good condition, picture one is front, two back) $8 each (Charizard sold)

Dewgong/Seel Zukan $35
Adorable Slowpoke & Shellder $10
Dome figures $2 each
TCG pins $2 each
Moltres/Zapdos dice $.50 each
Breloom zukan piece $3

Zorua Pokedoll (tag is a little bent) $15
Chespin Pokedoll $15
Christmas Chespin $20

1:1 Chespin $40 (tag detached and creased but included)

Freebies! Suicune is in poor condition. :( Leafeon tag is a little bendy.

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