Slow wants!
In true Slowpoke style, I've missed some cool things! Looking for these, shipping to the UK!

Slowpoke Valentines Pin - Slowpoke Only!!!

MegaSlowbro Pikachu figure

MegaSlowbro Pikachu sleeves - 1 unopened pack

Notebook (I love the glass too, but shipping??)

And, obviously, show me anything else pink and round!

Salesies 04/07/2015
Pkmncollectors feedback:
Sales permission granted a few years ago by Allinia.

Shipping from the UK starts at $5.50 - I ship internationally!

Slowpoke Pokémon Time (by me) $60
Slowpoke shoulderpet (by me) $30
Derpy lil Slowpoke $5
Slowking (poor condition, piled fur/marks on eyes) $5
Slowpoke Applause plush (good condition w/ tush tag and adorable scrunchy face) $20

Halloween Mega Pumpkinbro (by me!) - $40
Shuppet (by me!)- $30

Knitted Pachirisu tto - $10
Knitted Piplup tto - $10
Scatterbug w/ tag - $15
Psyduck (Way overpaid for this because the person swore it wasn't a bootleg, but I'm quite sure it is. Pls tell me if not!) - $5
Dialga Pokédoll w/ detached tag minky 2009 - $25
Shaymin Pokédoll w/ detached tag minky - $20

DVDs $5 each
Jirachi is good condition, black/white is practically new, first movie disk is good but has stickers on the top of the disk. These are PAL so will only work in the UK/Australia.

Slowpoke flats lot - $15

TCG folders (lightly used but good condition, picture one is front, two back) $8 each (Charizard sold)

Dewgong/Seel Zukan $35
Adorable Slowpoke & Shellder $10
Dome figures $2 each
TCG pins $2 each
Moltres/Zapdos dice $.50 each
Breloom zukan piece $3

Zorua Pokedoll (tag is a little bent) $15
Chespin Pokedoll $15
Christmas Chespin $20

1:1 Chespin $40 (tag detached and creased but included)

Freebies! Suicune is in poor condition. :( Leafeon tag is a little bendy.

Wants list!
Wants. Wants wants wants. Offer me any of this for the right price and I'll probably take you up on it!

(If I'm using your pictures and you'd rather I didn't just let me know)

Shipping is to the UK. My main collection is Slowpoke/Slowbro/Slowking, so feel free to offer misc. figures & flats. If I don't have it, I'll want it.


Grabby Slowpoke

Banpresto Leather Slowpoke


Sleepy Slowpoke Metal Figures

Got: gunmetal

Slowpoke Pokémon Time Bank

Slowpoke Ball (I don't even know why)

Slowbro Trinket Box

Retsudan Stamps

Slowpoke Stamp

Jumbo bath toy (I don't need the smaller version!)



Square Dome Figures

Got 'bro 4/3/2015!

Battle Museum Figures

(Not 'bro! Got 'king 11/3/15)


Slowking Bank



Slowpoke Pokémon Time Charm



Pokémon Center Bag

Pokémon Time Notepad

Pokémon Time Clearfile

Slowpoke Settei

Slowpoke Towel


Looking for one with no cracks on the eyes!
Purchased May 2015


Purchased May 2015

Slowpoke Kutakuta (I want. So bad.)

Purchased 2/3/2015

Slowpoke Bank (Plastic)

Purchased 13/12/2015

Slowpoke Double-sided Swing Charm

Gifted 2014 ♥

P o k é mon
My Pokémon collection at the moment is small and unimpressive ;O; I've collected and loved Pokémon all my life, but recently went through a funk where I wanted to 'start again'... and that went badly.

So here are my remaining Poképlushes!


Left to right, we have;

Two Suicune plushes (they're not actually mine, they're my boyfriend's but sshh). Pokémon Center Zekrom who was sold to us by a friend, my two Halloween special Umbreon & Espeon plushes, TY Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott, a fat little Wailord who was a gift and I think may be a bootleg. The Espeon with her head sticking out was actually made by a friend of mine, as was the little Slowpoke and the Froakie (my favourite plush *u*). The large Tomy Oshawott and Tepig were birthday presents, and I got the tiny Turtwig Pokédoll on eBay (only problem with him is he has no tag :c). Then there is the old (1995 I think!) Pikachu who we found at a car boot, TY Axew and Pokédoll Umbreon who I've had for years. The Umbreon at the back was made by me! And lastly the plushes at the front.


Tomy Umbreon, my old Eevee, an amigurumi Slowpoke by GeekyCrochet and the tiny collection of figures are Tomy Slowpoke and Slowbro, Gacha Pikachu, a pull-and-go Dialga who was a free gift from the Japanese seller we bought the large Suicune from and a little custom Oshawott figure I got from a friend! I do not know who made him. :c

So yeah! It's not very impressive but I like them. ;U; I really want more Slowpoke in my life, and I'm also starting to collect the I Love Eevee collection while I can, and hunting down some shiny Magikarp merch too. ;U;


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