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P o k é mon

My Pokémon collection at the moment is small and unimpressive ;O; I've collected and loved Pokémon all my life, but recently went through a funk where I wanted to 'start again'... and that went badly.

So here are my remaining Poképlushes!


Left to right, we have;

Two Suicune plushes (they're not actually mine, they're my boyfriend's but sshh). Pokémon Center Zekrom who was sold to us by a friend, my two Halloween special Umbreon & Espeon plushes, TY Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott, a fat little Wailord who was a gift and I think may be a bootleg. The Espeon with her head sticking out was actually made by a friend of mine, as was the little Slowpoke and the Froakie (my favourite plush *u*). The large Tomy Oshawott and Tepig were birthday presents, and I got the tiny Turtwig Pokédoll on eBay (only problem with him is he has no tag :c). Then there is the old (1995 I think!) Pikachu who we found at a car boot, TY Axew and Pokédoll Umbreon who I've had for years. The Umbreon at the back was made by me! And lastly the plushes at the front.


Tomy Umbreon, my old Eevee, an amigurumi Slowpoke by GeekyCrochet and the tiny collection of figures are Tomy Slowpoke and Slowbro, Gacha Pikachu, a pull-and-go Dialga who was a free gift from the Japanese seller we bought the large Suicune from and a little custom Oshawott figure I got from a friend! I do not know who made him. :c

So yeah! It's not very impressive but I like them. ;U; I really want more Slowpoke in my life, and I'm also starting to collect the I Love Eevee collection while I can, and hunting down some shiny Magikarp merch too. ;U;
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